Cydia Repo vs iMods Repo – Ready to customize your iDevices

iMods is Cydia like brand new upcoming app store for Apple iOS devices. We have seen many Cydia alternatives released for the iOS users before this such as Icy, Weblin.. But, those apps were unable to fulfill user requirements. However, iMods is the real competitor for Cydia. Most of the iMods features are already available in Cydia, but some valuable features unique for the iMods. The iMods beta version has now released for the first registered 500 users. If you are willing to install iMods, Please wait few weeks until public release.


About Cydia Repo / Source

Cydia repo is a host package which hosting collection of several apps. There are hundreds of developers have developed applications under these variety of repos. Cydia application is ready with many independent repos or sources. Actually, Cydia is a way to browse and view software hosted by independent repos. So, without a repo you can not install any app from Cydia.

In default, there are few repos pre-installed with Cydia. But, If you want to install some app which are not available in default repos, then you have to add relevant repo to Cydia before install the app. So, this is the disadvantage of Cydia over iMods.

Click here to Cydia more information

iMods without repos

This is the good thing. In iMods no repos. So, you no need to install repo when you are going to install iMods app. This is the big advantage of new iMods app store. It is simple & user friendly.Untitled-33

It’s seems to be iMods can go long journey with Millions of Apple devices. If you are developer, iMods will be really well platform to close your applications to huge ordinance. Please join as developer with iMods and publish your applications.

Click Here – More information iMods

Are you iMods first 500 user ? If Yes, You have best opportunity to help to build this application with your feedback. Please report any bugs or your ideas to develop this application as much as user friendly. Also if you are developer, Please gather as developer with iMods.

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