iMods download for iPhone, iPad, iPod

iMods is the brand new app store for Apple iOS devices. This is the worlds one and only real alternative for well known Cydia jailbroken app store. Are you ready to try different for best result. That’s why you are here to iMods download for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.Untitled-309The Apple App Store is the default place which allows iDevice users to download & install applications for their devices. In addition, there is the Cydia app store available for the jailbroken iPhone, iPad & iPod devices which gives more features for users than Apple App Store. But, new iMods store gives users to jailbreak features without needing jailbreak your device.

Here’s the video demo of latest version of the iMods app. In this video, you can see installation of two tweaks, all the views in the app, and demonstrate features such as screenshots..

Here you can now iMods download for your iOS device. This is the real chance for you to endless customize & modify your iPhone, iPad or iPod in unique way. Just download & install iMods your idevice and remove all restrictions & limitations.

iMods has started now first 500 VIP beta release. Are you want to be a one of the first 500 person who uses the iMods brand new featured app store? Harry up & download iMods for right now..



Please Note :

  • iMods is still in beta stage & final release expect before the end of this year.
  • Users have to sign-up at iMods to reserve your spot for iMods download (beta).
  • As a start, there are only few packages (tweaks) on the iMods store. With more being added overtime.
  • iMods is safe to use for iDevices, but you have to use this software with your own risk.
  • Backup your device before start iMods download.

Stay with us for iMods latest news & update..

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14 comments on “iMods download for iPhone, iPad, iPod
  1. nas says:

    how do i download it

  2. llh says:

    i would like to ask, how can i download iMods on my iphone or in my computer also i would like to ask what should i do when i finish sign up an account in
    thanks you ;)

    • admin says:

      iMods has been seeded to the first VIP 500. If you have received confirmation email, then wait patiently.. you will be received iMods installer by a email..

  3. hamed saeed says:

    i have recive email but icant download imods please help

    • admin says:

      You have to wait as first batch of iMods release is over. If you were received conformation email then you’ll be the next..

  4. wanlianfeng says:


  5. Chris says:

    Wie lösche ich imods wenn es mir garnicht gefällt?

  6. Thomas says:

    How do I download it, it sounds like a good program. But I’ve always have cydia…. So I am looking for something different.



  7. Ian says:

    Imod is great tool to use Very good

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