Cydia is Apple iDevice customization application which has many features for your Apple Device. This application is using millions of users all around the world. Users unable to get Cydia features with Apple app store. Therefore millions of Apple users are moving to jailbreak their device to access with Cydia store. Cydia is available after jailbreak your device. Jailbreak is a process of Ios restrictions break with third party application. We recommend to install Cydia Download application for your device to get Cydia for your device within few steps. Tap following with Safari Browser to install Cydia installer.

 Cydia Download App

What is Cydia ?

iMods and Cydia applications are third party applications. iMods store is under development stage and users can download Cydia using above direct download link. Cydia application developer is Mr.Jay Freeman, He was released Cydia application free for Apple users. Cydia is unable to download with Apple App store or website. User need to download jailbreak tool to install Cydia application.

Cydia for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Cydia application can install to your Apple iDevice model with our recommended jailbreak applications. Most of your Apple device models can install Cydia, We have seen many fake Cydia applications are ready to install for your Device. These apps will harm to your Device with variety of ways. We recommend to install only trusted jailbreak tools to download Cydia application.

Instructions for Cydia users

  • Backup your device before use jailbreak solution
  • Set your Device to AirPlane mode, Remove passcode inserted to your Apple Device

How to download Cydia Application

  • Tap above download button to get Cydia for your Device
  • Your Device will detect and Cydia installer will prepare to install application for your Device.
  • Install application to your Device, Get Cydia with installed application.

Note - We recommend to follow Cydia Download official site for more information regarding Cydia Download and installation. This will be useful to all users.



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