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Is there any simple way to fully customize your device? Yes, it is iMods. The all new iMods app store provides Cydia like customization for iOS users. Also, it has an additional features included with the iMods. This is the some noticeable things which comes with iMods..


The most important feature of the iMods app store is jailbreak free. This means, you no need to jailbreak your device to download & install iMods app store. It can be downloaded with iMods Installer.

The other features of iMods are..

  • The modern stylish User Interface – best match with latest firmware like iOS 8 & 9
  • Wirelessly install – Users can install iMods for their devices wirelessly.
  • Allows streamline iOS customization
  • User profile customization – iMods allows user to fully customize their profile also
  • Adds free – iMods never shows commercial adds with the app
  • Touch ID verification supports for payments of purchases in iMods
  • Continuous monitoring – If a tweak has a problem and it doesn’t work properly or crashes often, it will be taken it down from the iMods store, so users are not scare about.
  • Support – If it is something wrong, you can get support from iMods team by calling, live chatting or emailing
  • You can find tweaks easily and effectively – well categorized with “top free”, “top paid”, “new items”..
  • Rating – You can rate tweaks in the iMods store so that others can know if the tweak is good or not

Download iMods for iPhone, iPad & iPod

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  1. Bryan Luce says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing..

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