Cydia vs iMods – What is the best app store for iOS devices?

Cydia was the best ever featured app store for Apple iOS devices during the last few years. Users those who want to customize their idevices, Cydia was the one and only solution. But now, the brand new alternative app store, iMods is  available for the serve for you.What is the best app store for iOS devices?cydiaVsimodsComparing with the Apple App Store, both Cydia & iMods give more features and the freedom for users to modify their iDevices. Therefore, it is no any doubt you must go to one of the above featured app store, if you want to remove limitations & restrictions of Apple’s on your device.

Most of the specialists are saying iMods is the real alternative for Cydia. Some features available with iMods are still not included in Cydia yet. In other hands, Cydia has installed on about 50 million iDevices all around the world while iMods is just arrived. Then, what is the best featured app store for iDevices??

Here we like to discuss differences and equalities of Cydia and iMods by the several aspect. So, it will be guided you to get an idea about which one is the match for your requirements.

Cydia vs iMods – Comparison

There is a Big difference between Cydia & iMods. Cydia is a jailbreak store. It requires jailbreak your device to install Cydia. So, without jailbreak you cannot get Cydia app store for youe device. But iMods not ask to jailbreak the device to install. So, you can install iMods without a jailbreak your device using iMods Installer.

The other differences are;

  1. User InterfaceComparing with the Cydia, the iMods UI is well designed. The UI of the Cydia is dull & bit complex for beginners. Rather than iMods user interface has decorated as very modern & stylish lock for best match with latest iOS 9. There is no doubt, the developers may have spent plenty of time for the iMods new UI. Also, it’s simply as possible than the Cydia by every hands.
  2. User friendlyiMods is much more comfortable and user friendly with their new UI than Cydia
  3. Apps Collection - Both Cydia & iMods provide several apps & tweaks for free & paid. The plenty of amazing apps are available in the Cydia store for download. But, as a start there are only few packages (tweaks) in the iMods store. More being added overtime.
  4. Apps Rating - Cydia does not provide any options to rate the apps are in the store. But iMods allows its’ users to rate apps they were used. So, others can get an idea about the tweaks before installing it.
  5. Repos (Sources) - In Cydia system, there are several repositories which bundled number of tweaks together (Ex : Big-Boss repo). So, to install a app it is not in the Cydia default repos,  first you have to add relevant repo to the Cydia and then search & download the app. But in iMods,  no repo to install & you can directly install the app you want.
  6. User Profile - In Cydia there is no user profile for you. But, in iMods you have a proper user profile which can be customized.
  7. Payments - Both Cydia & iMods use PayPal as a payment method for app purchases. In iMods, Touch ID verification also supports for payments. This is big improvement than Cydia.
  8. Support - Cydia not provides any further supports for users. But iMods more care about you. If you need some help, you can get contact & support over the phone call, email or a live chat with iMods team.
  9. Compatible iOS versions - Currently, Cydia is available for iOS 8.4 and below versions only. But the  iMods is compatible for the all latest firmware including the iOS 9 as well.
  10. Compatible devices - iMods supports for all latest idevices including just released iPhone 6S, 6S Plus as well. Cydia is not yet supports for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus.
  11. Install method - Both Cydia & iMods require a computer supports for installation. iMods installs wirelessly to your iOS device as simply as possible using iMods installer. Cydia installation process is bit complex causes, jailbreak is required.

So, do you like to iMods download for your device? Follow..

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    does anyone know how to get appcake on ios 9.2

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